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Remember going on car trips when you were a kid? Do you have fond memories of traveling to new and exciting places, camping out, staying in motels, and having a chance to spend some special time with your family? If so, you probably remember the endlessly long drives, the fighting with your brothers and sisters, and the constant "Are we there yet?" feeling.

Travel games and activities are a terrific way to help everyone enjoy car trips and to make the ride special for the kids.  We can help you find a travel game to fit your family...including kid's travel games that are fun for the adults too.  You can select lively travel games, or find activities that are perfect for some quiet time.  We've got kid's travel games for any size family--whether you have just one child, or a whole gang!

So, if you're planning on a long car trip--or just a ride to Grandma's house--come on in and browse the travel games. And if you want, suggest a travel game of your own!

Wheel Lottery

Use a marker to write numbers evenly around the side of one of the tires on the car. Each person chooses a number. Every time the car stops during your car trip, check the tire and see which number is closest to the ground. If it’s your number, you are the winner.

Submitted by WhartonP

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One for Each Letter

First pick a category: food, body parts, things you wear, car models, girl’s names, boy’s names, etc. Then everyone takes turns thinking of items in the category, in order of the alphabet. For instance, if the category was food, the first person could say “apple,” the second person could say “bread,” the third person could say “cheese,” etc. Keep going until someone can’t think of an answer that starts with their letter, then go on to a new category. Another version of this game is to name a category and have everyone say an item that starts with “a.” Take turns naming items that start with “a” until someone can’t think of any more. Then move on to the letter “b.”

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Select one person and have them look around the car carefully and try to remember everything they see. Then have them close their eyes. Change something in the car so it’s different from before. Then have them open their eyes and try to figure out what is different.

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Everyone helps create a story that goes back and forth from “good news” to “bad news.” For example, the first person starts out by saying “There once was a girl who lived in a beautiful castle….” The next person continues: “Unfortunately—the castle was attacked by a fire-breathing dragon….” Then the next person says “Fortunately, a huge thunderstorm started, putting out the dragon’s fire….” The story continues, going back and forth between fortunate and unfortunate things.

Submitted by Mr. Guy

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